Our linens and blankets are crafted for a lifetime of good nights’ sleep.

They are made from the softest and purest organic cotton, grown with love and harvested by fairly-paid farmers.

Long Staple Cotton

We only use 100% long staple (fibre) cotton. A longer staple means the fibres are longer and stronger, and so can be spun into long, very fine yarns that produce a smoother, softer feeling fabric that you can enjoy for many years. Short fibres mean a less durable, weaker, coarser fabric, with more exposed ends. The quality of the underlying cotton is the most important feature of any cotton bedding.

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is grown slowly as nature intended and is untouched by harsh chemicals from seed to stitch. The result is an incredibly soft and strong cotton that beats any like for like comparison with conventional cotton.

Fine yarns

Using long staple cotton means we can spin it into the finest yarns, which product the highest quality sheets. Fine yarns mean we produce strong but incredibly soft and breathable fabrics.

Our fabric is made using only very fine 60s and 80s yarn (pro tip: a higher number means a finer yarn - it’s to do with the length a certain weight of yarn can be spun into).

Single-Ply Yarn

Our fabric is made using only single-ply yarns, this means a more breathable, supple fabric. Only high quality cotton can produce single-ply yarn. Fabric made with single ply yarn is not necessarily better that double ply yarn, they produce different feels. However a multi-ply yarn is often a warning sign of low quality, shorter staple cotton that isn’t strong enough to be used in single-ply products.

Thread Count

A high thread count doesn’t mean a better quality sheet. Too high and the fabric becomes stiffer and loses its breathability, meaning you’ll sleep hot.

Using single ply yarn, the maximum thread count achievable is around 400-500. Very high thread counts mean a multi-ply yarn is being used, which can indicate a lower quality cotton that needs multiple plies woven together for strength. Very high thread counts also means a less breathable fabric, more likely to make you sleep hot.

We choose a 400 thread-count of single-ply yarn for our fabric as we felt it gave the perfect balance between breathability and a luxurious feel.


We wanted to make the softest sheets you’ve ever experienced, and to do that we chose a combination of organic cotton and a sateen weave. Sateen is a 4 over and 1 under weave, which maximizes the surface area and gives it its subtle sheen and luster. It’s buttery soft and great for year-round cozy comfort.

We love great design and are passionate about linens that aren’t just supremely soft but beautiful and modern. We’ve carefully curated a selection of colours, so you can choose comfortable bedding that also fits your decor and personal style.

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