About Us

When there are no answers, you create them.

When our founder Ben Franklin went looking for bed sheets that looked great, felt great and were built to last, he couldn’t fathom the lack of answers to his most important questions.

Who made them? Were they treated and compensated fairly? Where did the cotton come from? Was it tainted with nasty chemicals?

Initially driven by a desire for great design and high quality, he suddenly found himself exposed to an industry full of human cost and environmental tragedy. Frustrated yet determined, he decided it was time to do things differently.

We believe that quality and ethics can, and should, go hand-in-hand. That one does not involve compromising on the other. We built a supply-chain from the ground-up: one that involves farmers and factories and lowers costs, so you can sleep soundly in top-quality, ethical sheets without paying a premium.

We are committed to giving people the quality of sleep they’ve always dreamed of, with gorgeously designed, supremely soft bedsheets crafted to last. And we’re equally committed to ensuring those bed sheets contribute something positive to the world.


We want to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.


We’re inspired by beautiful design and passionate about producing a quality product.


We believe in doing the right thing by our people and planet, no matter the financial cost.

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