Better product: Organic cotton is softer and stronger so you get better, more luxurious products to sleep on.

Pure and chemical free: Because our organic cotton is certified by GOTS, the gold standard, you know no chemicals are used at any stage from seed to your bed, and you’re sleeping on only the purest cotton.

Environmentally better: Conventional cotton is second only to oil in the pollution it causes. Organic cotton doesn’t use nasty chemical fertilizers or insecticides, and uses environmentally friendly dyes.

Human friendly:The UN estimates100 million rural families, almost all on the breadline in developing countries, directly depend on cotton production.  The chemicals used seep into run-off water, poisoning lakes, rivers and waterways. Pesticide residue has been discovered in foods, farm animals and even breast milk. Not only are these carcinogens responsible for estimated 30,000 annual cases cancer in adults, they are particularly harmful to young children who can develop debilitating neurodevelopmental effects.

Our gift boxes are made to be re-usable and are produced with recycled card. We use varnish, not laminate (laminating covers the board in Polypropylene which is hard to recycle). They are produced in a SA8000 certified factory to ensure fair treatment of workers. Our beautiful fabric pouches the sheets arrive in are made from cut-offs at the factory to ensure nothing is wasted.

Only about 1% of global cotton supply is organic, and the majority of it comes from India, where our farms and factories are located.  Our farms are located in the state of Orissa.

Both our farms and factories are Fair Trade Certified, as well as being GOTS certified.


To keep prices as low as possible we sell only from our website, allowing us to avoid the rents and overheads of stores, or expenses to middle men in department stores.

Fabric swatches are coming soon!

This is our purest and softest, undyed cotton. You will see specs of natural material like tiny bits of seed, left over from the production process.

Our sateen weave creases less than other types of weave, but some creasing is natural. 

As our cotton is organic, we don’t add harsh conventional anti-wrinkle chemicals (for example, formaldehyde may be used in conventional products). 

You can always iron, line dry or we recommend taking the sheets out of the dryer 5 mins before the end of the cycle and hanging or laying out them flat.

Our fitted sheets have a deep, 36cm pocket, with strong elastic to keep them in place and ensure they fit any mattress size.

See our size guide here.

See our care guide here.  

Our products are made in Fair Trade factories, using Fair Trade cotton, and are certified organic by GOTS, which monitors the entire supply chain, not just the farm.

Our sheets are free from harmful chemicals, but other hands will have touched them during the manufacturing and packing process, so you may feel comfortable washing them first.  We don’t pre-shrink our sheets, so after a couple of washes and natural shrinkage you will also see they fit more snugly.


Although we do not do offers bespoke gift wrapping, our bedding comes in its own pouch, made from the same beautiful material as the sheets.

Additionally, all our sheet sets and throw blankets come wrapped in tissue paper in our beautiful gift box.

All in all, we present our bedding ready made to gift!


We stand by the quality of our products. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason we accept returns for 30 days after purchase.  We don’t accept returns on gift cards, fabric swatches or sale items.  Our full policy can be found here.