Organic Cotton

Softer. Safer. Kinder. Better.

Why do we insist on using cotton in its purest form?

Because we realized the alternative simply wouldn’t do. We believe everyone deserves to experience cotton in its most beautiful form -- just the way nature intended.

You spend more time in bed than any other single place, and it’s important to us that your safe haven actually be, well, safe. Not only is organic cotton softer and stronger than conventional cotton, it is also free of pesticides and chemicals -- so you can sleep like a baby knowing you’ve chosen an alternative that’s good for your health, your global community and your planet.

By choosing better, you’re directly supporting farmers and their families, protecting them from skin-damaging and carcinogenic chemicals, ensuring their families have access to safe, drinkable well water, and keeping their land naturally fertile.

Organic cotton also helps break the GMO-seed debt cycle that leads to poverty in far too many communities around the world.

100% of Square Flower’s cotton comes from Chetna, an inspiring organic farming collective in India that works with farmers to promote food security, crop diversification, natural composting methods and alternatives to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Cotton is the second-most polluting industry in the world, behind only oil

Conventional cotton production contributes 16% of the world’s insecticide use

20% of the world’s industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles

A mere 1% of the world’s cotton production is organic.

And even then, picked organic cotton may still be treated with all sorts of harsh chemicals.

Choosing GOTS-certified cotton gives you the comfort you need to know your linens meet the global gold standard in organic certification. We pay attention to the full supply chain and ask the questions we know you would, so you can sleep soundly.

Learn more about GOTS certification here.

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