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5 Reasons To Get Into Bed With Us Right Now

If you don't love our sheets after 30 nights, we'll give you your money back

girl wrapped in luxury gray organic cotton bedding

1. Amazing Quality

We knew nothing else mattered if we didn't get this right.

We started with the finest long staple cotton and over a year later finished with a breathable, single ply, sateen fabric for a smooth, buttery feel.  

We think you’ll love it as much as we do.

2. Soft, Organic Comfort

Our bedding is soft. Incredibly soft. Organic cotton is our not so secret weapon.  

Softer, pure and chemical free, and a game changer for farmers and our environment.

baby on light gray organic cotton bedding

Only 1% of the world’s cotton is organic, join us and be part of the 1% that really matters.

girl wrapped in navy blue luxury organic cotton bedding

3. Fairly Priced

Our luxury bedding is half the price of the high street. We cut out retail costs, and even built our own supply chain in an industry that has countless middlemen.

But fair pricing also means we won’t purchase cotton that doesn’t support a living wage, and we won’t purchase cheaper non-organic cotton due to it's human and environmental impact.


We're proud to pay prices set by Fairtrade.

Like what you see? Try us risk free for 30 nights.

4. Transparency

We're doing things differently.  We’ve built our own supply chain back to our farmers in an organic collective.


In fact, we can trace your sheets back to the very farms that grew the cotton.

organic cotton ginning facility in india

"We can trace your sheets back to the very farms that grew the cotton."

girl resting on luxury organic cotton light gray pillowcase

5. We're Building Something Better

No one likes labels, but this is where they matter; “eco” and “ethically made” just aren’t good enough.

Our products are Fairtrade and GOTS (the organic gold standard) certified. Even our gift boxes are made in a SA8000 certified factory. 

When you purchase from Square Flower, you're making a direct impact, and changing an industry desperate for reform.

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